It is Our Job to Help You

About Access Education

Why choose our services

Access Education is a private business entity that is entirely independent of any governmental entity. It locates and provides services to students who wish to study abroad. We help prospective students find a higher education institution that meets their needs and requirements. We use a list of more than 100 universities and community colleges to find the right institution for the student.

Our process

We receive your request, find a program and a college that is best for you. We obtain an admission letter and a few weeks later, we send you the admission package which contains an I-20. We help you fill out the visa application form and prepare you for the interview, if necessary. We help you chose your travel itinerary from your country to your new destination. We may also arrange transportation from the Airport to your apartment. We also help our students to find apartments that are close to their campus, if the campus apartments are expensive.

Our obligation

We make sure that your admission package arrives on time. It will allow us to schedule the interview, obtain the visa and arrive at your university before the orientation process. We will follow your progress at your university and provide pieces of advice to help you graduate quickly. Our advice will include courses, immigration, OPT (Optional Practical Training) and other issues that our students might encounterer during their academic journey.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!