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Access Education is a private business entity that is entirely independent of any governmental entity. It locates and provides services to students who wish to study abroad. We screen prospective students interested in study abroad to ensure that they are qualified. Prospective students receive complete and current information relating to partnering higher education institutions.  The information encompasses the prices, calendars, program descriptions, registration procedures and the location of the institutions.


We partner with Higher Education Institutions around the world to provide students the opportunity to get the best educational experience. Even though we recruit students from around the world, our main area of focus is Africa.  Africa is a growing market for higher education institutions around the world. Our deep knowledge of African, European, Asian and American countries' educational systems is key to the success of our recruitment.

Types of institutions we partner with
  • Research Universities

  • Comprehensive Universities

  • Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Community Colleges

  • Minority-Serving Institutions

  • For-profit Institutions

Recent News

New office in Kinshasa, Capital city of DR Congo

Access Education will be opening a new office in Kinshasa. We will update you once it opens.

Access Education has signed a new partnership with  ELS

ELS Educational Services is a private entity that provides English language training in the United States, Canada, Australia, China, India, and Malaysia. It operates through various language centers, often based on a college campus.

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