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Access Education is a private business entity that is entirely independent of any governmental entity. It locates and provides services to students who wish to study abroad. We screen prospective students interested in study abroad to ensure that they are qualified. A qualified student is the one that meets the admission requirements of partnering institutions. Those requirements may be the previous education in English, TOEFL, SAT, or IELTS score, and sufficient funding for the number of years that the foreseen degree requires. If the English test score is less than the one required by the targeted institution or a student have never taken one of these tests, we can still get that student admitted. The admission will then be a conditional one, which requires a student to complete an English as a Second Language program before starting the academic degree or program.

Prospective students receive complete and current information relating to all the partnering institutions in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa.  The information encompasses the prices, calendars, program descriptions, registration procedures and the location of the institutions.

We do not collect tuition or housing fees from prospective students. Those fees are usually paid up on arrival or during the semester. However, we do help our clients securing admission and housing at the chosen higher education institution and ensure the delivery of the admission package, which should allow the student to request a visa interview. We also help our students to prepare for the visa interview, choose their itinerary and secure flights.

Any student referred to a partnering institution by Access Education is automatically considered for current scholarship programs at that institution. 


We provide solutions that meet your unique needs as a current and prospective international student

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  • Translation and Interpretation

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I came to the U.S in Fall 2016. AE got me admitted at Western Michigan University, where I am currently completing my master's degree in International Development. At the beginning, I was afraid because I had never heard of agencies getting students admitted in the United States. AE made the process much easier and within 2 months, I was called by AE to come and get my admission package.

Alain Nzita

I got my high school degree at Complexe Scolaire Kuntwala (IPN/Ngaliema), in 2016. Right after high school, my parents started my admission process with Access Education. A few weeks later, my parents asked me to go to AE so they can prepare me for the interview. I am now studying English at Western Michigan University and once I finish English, I will study Business: Finance.

Ben Tshiyoyo Muamba