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Higher Education Institutions

We partner with Higher Education Institutions around the world to provide students the opportunity to get the best educational experience. Even though we recruit students from around the world, our main area of focus is Africa.  Africa is a growing market for higher education institutions around the world. Therefore, our deep knowledge of both Africans' and other educational systems around the world is key to the success of our recruitment efforts.  We can recruit students for both ESL and academic programs, either undergraduate or graduate.  

We can also have international students already in your country but studying in other universities transfer to your institution. We have an extensive network of recruiters that can meet your institutional recruitment needs and requirements.

We also organize tours so that higher educational institutions can travel to African countries to talk with prospective students, school officials and parents. Please, remember that tours can also be organized for an individual institution. Besides, we are opened to discuss your specific goals and ensure that our actions and efforts are geared towards them.

Contact us with your request, you will not be disappointed.

We provide optimized recruitment solutions for international admissions and services

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  • Translation and Interpretation

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I came to the U.S in Fall 2016. AE got me admitted at Western Michigan University, where I am currently completing my master's degree in International Development. At the beginning, I was afraid because I had never heard of agencies getting students admitted in the United States. AE made the process much easier and within 2 months, I was called by AE to come and get my admission package.

Alain Nzita

I got my high school degree at Complexe Scolaire Kuntwala (IPN/Ngaliema), city of Kinshasa, in 2016. Right after high school, my parents started my admission process with Access Education. A few weeks later, my parents asked me to go to AE so they can prepare me for the interview. I am now studying English at Western Michigan University and once I finish English, I will study Business: Finance.

Ben Tshiyoyo Muamba