Access Education DRC & Travels is a private business entity that is entirely independent of any governmental entity. It locates and provides services to students who wish to study abroad. We screen prospective students interested in study abroad to ensure that they are qualified. A qualified student is the one that meets the admission requirements of a partner educational institution. Those requirements may be the previous educational backgrounds, TOEFL, SAT, or IELTS score, and sufficient funding for the number of years that the foreseen degree requires. If the English test score is below the one required by the targeted institution or a student has never taken one of these tests, we can still get that student admitted. That admission will then be a conditional one, which requires a student to complete an English as a Second Language program before starting the academic degree program.

Prospective students receive complete and current information related to all the partner institutions in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa.  The information encompasses the prices, calendars, program descriptions, registration procedures and other relevant information about the institution.
We do not collect tuition or housing fees from prospective students. Those fees are usually paid up on arrival or during the semester. However, we do help our clients pay the tuition deposit, secure admission and housing at the chosen higher education institution and ensure the delivery of the admission package, which should allow the student to request a visa interview. We also help our students to prepare for the visa interview, choose their itinerary and secure flights.
Any student referred to a partner institution by Access Education is automatically considered for current scholarship programs at that institution. 

Procedure for Admission

Counseling session

We require a meeting with prospective students to discuss their educational and career goals. The meeting can be in person or on the phone. Then, we suggest different countries and universities to each student, based on the grades, major, financial assets, and other factors. This counseling service is free of charge and dedicated to anyone in need of information regarding study abroad.

Choosing a university or school in the chosen country

Once you have chosen your destination country and we have evaluated your grades, and financial assets, we will help you choose a university or a school in that country. Based on the admission deadlines, we will also help you decide about your starting semester.

Submit your transcripts and other supporting documents

We will then ask you to submit your transcripts, copy of passport and other relevant documents, so we can secure admission at your chosen educational institution. One of our strengths is ensuring that you meet either the direct or conditional admission requirements of your targeted university or school. Even though we have already determined your admissibility, we always want to hear university counselors’ point of views. In fact, we send your application and materials to the chosen educational institution’s counselors to re-determine your admissibility. This strategy allows us to avoid your application to be denied and waste your time.

Admission decision from the university or school

Once your application has been submitted to your chosen university or school, it takes approximatively 4-8 weeks to get a response. If additional documents are needed to make the admission decision, we will send an email or call you.

Accept and Finalize your admission

Once you have been admitted, you will have to accept or decline your admission. We will give you your admission package once we receive it. In some cases, the university or the school may require the student to pay a tuition deposit to confirm the admission.

Secure housing

Most of our university or school partners have on campus housing and suggest safe off campus accommodation for international students. We will help you find a place to stay that is safe and international students friendly.

Prepare for the visa interview

Getting the visa is crucial to attain international education goals. To ensure that you will be given the visa, we will prepare you at least twice. The preparation will consist of question and answer with one of our counselors. We will make sure that you have all the documents required for the interview.

Safe trip

Once you have your visa, we will help you book a cheap flight ticket. We will work with the university or school to ensure that there is someone to welcome you at the airport, unless there is no one available that day.

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