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Our Mission

Access Education DRC & Travels is an international student recruitment agency based in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We locate and provide services to students who wish to study abroad, countries such as United States, Canada, Germany, France, Netherland, Ukraine, South Africa, Poland, Cyprus and other countries. We also help universities and schools to achieve their international recruitment goals. We screen prospective students interested in study abroad to ensure that they are qualified. Prospective students receive complete and current information related to partnering higher education institutions.  The information encompasses the prices, calendars, program descriptions, registration procedures and the locations of the institutions.

We provide free counseling sessions to prospective students, help them secure admissions, help them prepare for the visa interview, find accommodation, choose their itinerary and secure flights. Since 2018, we have partnered with other reputable agencies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries to better serve our partner educational institutions.

Most of our students come from French speaking countries and have limited English language abilities. Therefore, almost 70% of our students seek conditional admissions. We closely work with partner educational institutions to ensure that conditional admissions are obtained. However, we encourage these students to take the TOEFL or IELTS test, for both admission and visa purpose

We partner with universities and schools around the world to provide our students the best educational opportunities and experiences. Even though we can recruit students from around the world, our main region of focus is Africa.  Africa is a growing market for higher education institutions around the world. Our deep knowledge of African, European, Asian and American countries’ educational systems is key to the success of our recruitment.

The types of educational institutions we partner with include:

  • Research Universities
  • Comprehensive Universities
  • Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Community Colleges
  • Minority-Serving Institutions
  • For-profit Institutions
  • High schools (Boarding)

Access Education DRC & Travels is a member of the International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF). ICEF is one of the most reputable professional international education associations in the world. AE DRC & T is officially an ICEF recognized agent. AE DRC & T has been recognized by The Canadian Premier International Education Awards (CPIEAs) as “ The New Agency of the Year 2000”.
AE DRC & T organizes an annual international student recruitment fair to allow universities and high schools to come to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and meet school officials, parents and prospective students.
We also partner with local high schools and universities on study abroad opportunities for their students. Usually, these schools and universities ask us to find foreign universities or schools that are willing to sign agreements with them.

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